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Finally confident!

I have now purchased 2 bottles of make me dusty and I am so happy with my pole progress. Make me dusty has given me the confidence to try new tricks now that I'm not constantly worried about sweaty palms. I don't think I would have gotten to intermediate as quickly as I did without the help of this product because I could finally focus on my strength and not just my grip!

Madelene C

Literal life saver!

I am absolutely in love with this grip, there were so many things I could never do on the pole that now i can do using this grip - it is ABSOLUTELY worth the money >3 (also came so fast!)


Love it!!

I have always been sweaty in class (hot weather, unfit, too much caffeine, all of the above :P) and although I've found grip that works for my hands, I haven't really had a solution for my body. Make me Dusty is a dream! I use it all over and it has changed my life. I'm no longer nervous that I'll slip and feel so much more confident while learning new tricks. I've ordered the refill already so I never run out!


I had to try them...

I purchased "Make Me Dusty" a few months ago and I was very happy with the product. Of course I had then to try "Make Me Dewy" as well and oh I was not disappointed. The fragrances are so nice, the grip is good and it's just generally a new product for me that I fell in love with. I love the idea of being able to purchase a combination of fragrances / tack with this set before committing to the full size ones. Very very happy with these.

Maria C

Love this stuff!

This product is really the ultimate product for dancers! I had to get the refill pack to assure I don’t run out again!

Sara T

My new favourite grip aid!

I had to stop using Dry Hands a couple of months ago because it triggered a huge eczema breakout on my fingers and palms. I haven't used any grip aid since but thought I'd give Dancing Dust a try. Not only has it not triggered any eczema breakouts but it still stops my hands from sweating and makes busting out pole tricks so much easier (it also smells great)! Would recommend it to anyone looking for a more fun, colourful and effective grip aid.

Cassandra C

Consistently amazing

The limited edition scent makes me smell amazing and the candle that came with the pack makes my house smell incredible. Everything I’ve received from Dancing dust has been of the highest quality and the communication I’ve received from the team has been phenomenal. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. If you’re looking to smell amazing and sparkle like the sun, all while looking sexy on the pole then there is only one place to go.

Shiyan B

Great little helper!

I'm a very sweaty person, so Make Me Dusty is my saviour! It is really great for all body parts. I can't say anything negative about it.

Simone S


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