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These fun and colourful Soy blend body candles are beautifully scented and in a range of shapes and sizes.

Decorated with eco-friendly glitter and every candle a different surprise. If you prefer a non decorated candle please let me know in notes at check out.

They are recommended for display purposes, but if you wish to burn your candle it will burn for 1 hour. Please use a candle safe dish. Once the wax has melted and hardened you can then transfer it to a tea light or electric burner. You can also get one of our containers in which your candle will melt and continue to burn in for up to 40 hours.

Available are some signature scents and some new scents which will be chosen at random by choosing either Floral, Sweet or Perfume scent & a random colour.

The glass jars are limited stock as are from recycled candles. Once they're gone, they're gone!! These are a mix of sweet smells.




Large - 240g - Donna

Jar - 240g 


Vanilla - 

Vanilla Bean, Musk, 

Chocolate, Buttermilk, 

Lemon, Bergamot

Summer Bloom - Frangipani & Spiced Pear

50 Shades - Bergamot and cedarwood, coupled with warm leather and musk base notes.

Nanna - Musk, Vanilla, 

Jasmine, Rose, 

Lemon, Orange

 *Every candle will be different with its glitter effect. Let me know in notes if don't want extra glitter on yours*

Also available from other listings:

Small - 60g - 70g - Donna & Derry

Medium - 85g - 100g - Dylan, Dorian & Darcel

Combo  - Vanilla, Nanna, 50 Shades, Summer Bloom - 2x small 2 x Medium


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