The purpose of the REDcycle program and what are its origins?

REDcycle was conceived in 2011 by Elizabeth Kasell, a mum with a young child who couldn’t quite work out why she wasn’t able to put her soft plastics in her council recycling bin.  It was, after all, plastic, right?  Upon investigation she learnt about the differences in recycling rigid plastics (milk bottles etc) and soft plastics, and discovered there was no existing programmes to recycle the flexible soft plastics.  Liz determined that prior to even considering a system to collect this material, she had to establish somewhere for it to go for it to be truly recycled.  So was borne the partnership with Replas.  After securing a Sustainability Victoria grant, Liz commenced a schools based programme initially.  REDcycling became so popular so quickly that Liz needed to find a way to give more people easier access to recycling their soft plastics, and Coles answered the call.  From humble beginnings, you can now find a REDcycle bin in every Coles and Woolworths store – over 1900 locations – Australia wide.  We have now diverted over 14,351 tonnes of soft plastic from landfill.  Australians are now returning over 4 million pieces of soft plastic to a REDcycle bin every single day.